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Lauren Shaughnessy

Lauren Shaughnessy

Financial Advisor

I joined my father in the business in 2008 with a vision to make life easier on him and to serve the people he served for so long. I instantly realized I am most fulfilled helping clients make big and small decisions that impact their lives intimately - by being their life advisor and sounding board. It was this realization early on in my career that helped us make the holistic financial planning process, not just investment management, the backbone of our practice.

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What has been your best financial move?

Aside from the wonderful benefits that come from investing in the stock market from a young age, my best financial move was buying my first home at the bottom of the Great Recession. My dad patiently allowed me to live with him during my early working years so I could save up funds. I was simply lucky to be at an age where I was old enough to make my first purchase but not old enough to have had real estate going into the recession. Now, the best financial move for MY SOUL occurred when I took that equity from my first home and rolled it (and my heart) to the small town of Roslyn where I built my first home.

What are your hobbies, and how did you get into them?

My main hobby the past year has been volunteer firefighting with the Roslyn Fire Department. Coming from an athletic background I’ve always been interested in trying out physical jobs, so this has been a great way to tap into that side. Seeing all that is involved with structure fires, wildland fires, and medic calls have been eye-opening. And it’s been a lovely way to connect and care for people in my small town.

What is one thing you will never do again?

Build a house! Just kidding. But honestly, that was a very difficult endeavor and I wish I knew what I know now! I didn’t hire a home builder so I made many mistakes along the way. I will say, it does feel good to have that experience in my life so I can talk with clients who have home-building dreams. And I do expect I will build again in my future, just with much more knowledge and experience in my back pocket.